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A day out in Barcelona – five wallet-friendly arty spots

A day out in Barcelona – five wallet-friendly arty spots you cannot miss

If you’re an art-lover, Barcelona is no doubt the place to be. The city has been shaped by many diverse influences over time, which only added to its unique character. It has gradually become a melting pot of cultures, styles and tastes, laying perfect grounds for development of further initiatives. The outcome of such inspiring clashes is eternalized in the form of memorable works of art, which now can be admired in differently-themed art galleries found throughout the city. Below is a list of top five places to look for if you wish to enjoy some inspiring encounter with art but price is still a bit of a priority.

ADN Galería

ADN (which is actually translates as ‘DNA’ in English) is a place that offers over 600 square meters of supportive environment for the less-established contemporary talents, with a special focus on local artists. Apart from showcasing many spectacular works ranging from paintings to sculptures, installations and cutting-edge conceptual art, the gallery also functions as a ‘hybrid platform’ aiming to combine cultural innovation and commercial aspects of art. This is where you can see more ‘off’ video projects alternating with more ‘standard’ exhibitions, yet the spirit of freshness is retained with every subsequent event. ADN is also an active supporter of groundbreaking social initiatives, an example of which can be the project of Sergio Cirgueda, who invented amazing foldable homes that can be attached to existing buildings or nested in trees. Inspiration awaits you at Carrer Enric Granados 49, in the picturesque district of Eixample. For opening hours, check out the gallery’s website.

Joan Prats

Located on Rambla de Catalunya 54, quite close to AND, the Joan Prats gallery is probably one of the most famous galleries in Barcelona. Named after its founder, it has been operating since 1976, delivering some of the most inspiring pieces of contemporary art. The focus has always been on strong and active promotion of local artists, which helped the gallery to become a significant spot on the map of international modern art. Throughout the years Joan Prats has remained faithful to its credo and its interiors have been a home to splendid exhibits by the likes of Tàpies, Barcelò, Ràfols Casamada, García Sevilla or Hernández Pijoan. Intriguing installations, though-provoking graphic works and expressive imagery – all this awaits you inside. Visit Joan Prats’ website for opening hours and current exhibitions on display.

Galeria Trama

If you happen to stroll along the lively La Rambla, you may care for a small break and head a bit off the beaten track to reach Petritxol 5, where you’ll find Galeria Trama – a small, but really inviting place, addressing its offer to all those into contemporary art of any kind. The gallery itself puts much emphasis on eclecticism of the displayed works and since its establishment in 1991 it has strived to remain distinct with its programme. It regularly features a range of established artists, though supports also selected talents from both local and international scene; so far, it has exhibited works by Tono Carbajo, Jordi Fulla, Anna Miquel, Carlos Morago, Miguel Rasero, Eduard Resbier, Gonzalo Sicre, Julio Vaquero, Pedro Barbeito, DNASAb, Jason Gringler, Mikko Ijäs, Liisa Lounila, Sami Lukkarinen, Llobet & Pons, Melvin Martínez, Simeón Saiz Ruiz or Marcus Sendlinger – and the list goes on and on! Inside the gallery’s four walls you can see a healthy portion of bright paintings and vivid drawings; and outside the place you can enjoy some really tasty cup or bar of chocolate. To be up to date with the ongoing exhibitions, go to the gallery’s website, where you can also check the opening hours.


Contrary to what you may think at first when looking at the name, the place has got nothing to do with the tobacco company. Moreover, despite the name may sound quite ‘fresh’, the gallery enjoys a long tradition, as it was established in 1946 in London and gained much acclaim in the 1950s as the first gallery to exhibit works by German Expressionists to the English public. After that extended its operations to other places, including New York, Tokyo, Chile, Florida, Monaco, Chile, Madrid and – of course – Barcelona. The latter two work in close cooperation, organizing exhibitions in other galleries, as well as public and private institutions to showcase works by e.g. Pablo Armesto, Juan José Aquerreta, Martín Chirino, Rafael Cidoncha, Alberto Corazón, Juan Correa, Carlos Franco, Manuel Franquelo, Juan Genovés, Luis Gordillo or Kcho, to mention only a few. Moreover, by 1960 Marlborough had been already working with such names as Oskar Kokoschka, Lucian Freud, Francis Bacon, Henry Moore or Victor Pasmore, so with such big span of artist’s it’s really hard to describe the overall style endorsed by the gallery. You better come and see for yourself! Browsing their website (Spanish only!) should give you a rough idea of what to expect. You will find the place on Carrer València 284, right between the district of Eixample and the northern part of Ciutat Vella.

3 Punts

After its kick-off in Barcelona in 1994, 3 Punts Gallery has been steadily delivering a diverse cross-section of contemporary art in various forms. Located today at the address of Enric Granados 21, in the very heart of Eixample, its pristine white spaces are a home to many talented artists, such as Paola de Grenet or Fernando Bayona. 3 Punts’ approach is to seek for fresh blood and contrast it with the experience of the established talents. The outcome is usually really impressive – the 175 square meters of available space is taken full advantage of. Eye-catching sculptures and mesmerizing paintings displayed boldly through front panes will surely attract your attention already from afar. For opening hours and current exhibitions, head to 3 Punts’ website.